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Choosing the best tactical backpack is important as are an essential accessory for anyone who is planning an adventure in the great outdoors.  There are many people who use these backpacks for their jobs too.  You can find a whole range of tactical backpacks online suitable for different requirements.  Check out this buying guide to find out

Top 5 Of the Best Tactical Backpacks At A Glance

5.11 Tactical Rush 24

5.11 Tactical Rush 24

5.11 Tactical Rush 24

This highly affordable backpack is a great choice and one of the best tactical backpacks to buy if you’re looking for a24-hour use solution.  The base model for the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack features completely adjustable straps to keep the backpack firmly on your back, but if you want that little bit extra, you can purchase additional straps that clip into place and can secure your backpack more tightly.

To keep your back cushioned and protected as you carry this backpack, it features a closed cell cushioned padding along the back of the back and on the shoulder straps.  Its fleece lining also protects the items within the backpack.

There are two drainage holes to the base of this backpack which mean that any liquids that get into the backpack can efficiently drain out so as not to cause damage to your belongings.

You can make use of 2 smaller exterior pockets and one internal stuff pocket.  There are draw cords and zipper systems to ensure that everything stays in place too.

5.11 Tactical Rush 12

5.11 Tactical Rush 12

5.11 Tactical Rush 12

You’ll have plenty of storage space when you choose this backpack as it comes with 16 separate storage compartments.  There is even a fleece lined zipper pocket for any eyewear that you might want to take with you too.  If you want the best tactical backpack for a lower budget but you want all the storage space possible, this may be the one for you.

You can really get the most out of this backpack as it comes with a hydration system.  If you want to add to this backpack, it has a modular design and is compatible with MOLLE and SlickStick.  This allows you to have complete control of customizing this backpack.

An internal admin slot allows you to arrange your smaller items whilst the main storage area is ample for storing anything that you may want to take with you.

In addition to all these great features, this backpack also comes with external compression straps to allow you to secure your items better.  If you are taking your backpack on a plane for example, it will give you the ability to compress the volume of the backpack so that you can fit it into the overhead compartment or reduce your baggage costs.  There are also adjustable straps for the shoulders and a sternum strap to balance the load on your back.

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

If you want a really high quality backpack, why not choose something that is fit for the military?  The Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is the perfect choice for any outdoors mission and it’s versatility will ensure that it is suitable for most users.

This backpack is designed to last and will be great for 2 day missions.  It is compliant with military and law enforcement requirements too so if you need a backpack for work, this may be the one to choose.

You can customize the backpack as much as you need to thanks to the MOLLE/PALS system.  The material is made to be completely waterproof and non-absorbing as well as being snag free and lightweight for convenience.  Even though the material is light, it is still durable and this is a backpack that will last for a long time.

As this backpack is used by the military, it is made from a special material that has been treated with near infrared.  This ensures that your backpack won’t show up using night vision equipment, which will make you safer.

Condor 140: Ambidextrous Sling Bag

Condor 140: Ambidextrous Sling Bag

Condor 140: Ambidextrous Sling Bag

If you want a backpack that will be suitable for one day and you don’t have such a heavy weight to carry, this ambidextrous backpack may be for you.  It is highly affordable and comes with a fully adjustable shoulder waist strap. The strap can be altered so that the backpack can be worn over the right or the left shoulder.

A hydration compatible pocket allows you to install a hydration system if you wish, which is vital for warmer weather conditions.  You can also make use of the multiple concealment pockets, which use hook and loop fastening strips.  You can also purchase a holster add on separately if you wish.

There are double zippers on all the main three compartments, which ensures the best durability whilst compression straps to the top and sides of this backpack allow you to shrink the size of it as needed.

Thanks to the heavy-duty webbing that covers this backpack, you can be sure that your belongings will be protected against the elements and the padded mesh back panel ensures comfort as you walk.

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

This 3-day assault pack is what you need for the most demanding of missions.  There is a particularly large storage capacity with this backpack and it gives you enough pocket space to also store up to 2 3-litre hydration packs.

Seven different compartments keep all your possessions well-organized and safe including gear straps to keep in place any additional gear that you may wish to take with you.

Drainage grommets at the bottom of the backpack ensure that your things are kept safe from water damage as any fluids can drain straight out of the backpack.  You can carry your map in the document pocket for easy access when you need it and there are radio pockets and even places to store your pens.

This backpack has everything that you need for a longer mission and with the adjustable straps and heavy duty grab handle, this is a tactical backpack that is bound to suit most users’ needs.

Benefits Of The Best Tactical Backpacks

Tactical backpacks are a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.  You can enjoy all kinds of different benefits of owning a tactical backpack as outlined here.

  • Strength and durability – The main benefit of tactical backpacks is that they are made to be strong and long lasting. This is especially important if you are planning on using the backpack for prolonged lengths of time and if you will be taking a lot of things with you.
  • Plenty of storage compartments – When you’re spending longer amounts of time outdoors or when you are on an outdoor survival mission, you will need to take plenty of accessories with you. Sometimes, there is not always the means to wash or clean things once you have used them, so putting dirty items back in the same compartment as clean items is not a good idea.  Tactical backpacks have all kinds of different compartments so that you can keep all your things separate.
  • Designed for comfort – One of the benefits of using tactical backpacks instead of a normal backpack is that there tends to be a lot of padding built into tactical bags. You will be able to enjoy complete comfort with a tactical backpack, as there are straps to keep the backpack firmly in place against your body and padding between your back and the items inside the pack.  The best tactical backpack for your mission would be one that has padding on both the bag itself and the shoulder carrying straps.
  • Hydration systems – When you’re walking a long distance whilst carrying a heavy load on your back, it’s important that you keep hydrated. Stopping every 20 minutes to take a sip of water is not ideal when you consider that you’d have to take the backpack off and then try to get it snugly back on again.  Instead, you can purchase hydration systems that fit perfectly into the backpack.  These water systems have straws so that you can take a drink whilst on the move and you will never have to stop for a drink ever again.  If you have a tight walking schedule, this can really help you to save time and can be an important factor when choosing the best tactical backpack.
  • Modular designs – Whilst you can purchase backpacks that are quite functional and useful, they are not always exactly as you need them to be. You could also find that sometimes you want the bag to have a little extra storage than usual and then there may be times when you don’t need all the storage in the bag.  Many models of tactical backpack give you the ability to add to the functionality of the backpack by offering you the option of purchasing additional storage modules for the backpack, which can be connected or disconnected at any point.

How To Choose The Best Tactical Backpack


The first thing that you must consider when you are looking for the best tactical backpack is the cost.  Everyone has his or her own budget, so make sure you know how much you are willing to spend.   Be aware that the cheaper tactical backpacks are not as high quality and may not be as durable as you need them to be.  Always buy a backpack that is the most expensive that you can afford so that you can be sure that it will last a long time.


There are different styles of tactical backpack to choose from.  If you have used backpacks in the past, you may have your own preference.  The ones that are the most popular are those that can be customized to fit best on the wearer’s back.  Adjustable straps come as standard, but to keep the backpack securely in place and some backpacks can even fasten around the stomach or chest to anchor the backpack more securely in place.  This is essential if you are going to be walking long distances or even running whilst wearing the backpack.

It is important to have a properly fitted backpack for your personal needs, so you should know how to tell if a backpack will fit you.  A normal body length is between 15 and 20 inches.  If you have a longer or a shorter torso than this, you should make sure that you purchase a more appropriate backpack than a generic one.  To measure your torso, you should take the measurement for the distance from the point that your neck and shoulders are in line down to your hip line in order to choose the best tactical backpack for your size.

  • Sternum strap – To take the pressure off your shoulders when carrying your backpack, a sternum strap is included on most high quality backpacks. This is a strap that fastens with clips and it runs from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Lumbar strap – The lumbar region is in your lower back and if there is too much weight bearing down on this area, you will end up with severe back pains. To avoid this, look out for backpacks with lumbar balancing waist straps.  These straps fasten from hip to hip across your stomach and ensure that your hips bare the weight instead of your shoulders and lower back.
  • Padding- When you are carrying a lot of things in your backpack whilst walking long distances, you should make sure that the backpack that you purchase has as much padding as possible between you and the items in the backpack. You can experience a lot of pain from items rubbing against your back if you do not have sufficient foam padding in the backpack lining.  The best tactical backpack for you should ideally have a mesh padded back.


Although some people don’t consider the color of their backpack to be particularly important when choosing the best tactical backpack, there are times when color is a vital part of making a buying decision.  If you work in a career that requires a tactical backpack, you will need to have one that is the right color so that it can blend in properly with your uniform.  Tactical backpacks worn by the police for example are usually black or navy blue whilst those used in the army are designed in a camouflage print.


The material that is used to make the best tactical backpack for your needs is another factor that influences buying decisions.  For wetter weather conditions, it would be a wise idea to choose a backpack that is waterproof to keep all of your belongings dry.  Waterproof material tends to be quite heavy though and not all that breathable, so if you are going to be doing a lot of walking with the backpack on your back, you should probably consider choosing a backpack that is made of a mesh material instead.  Remember that you should choose a backpack that is made of protective and high quality material to ensure that it will keep your possessions safe and so that the backpack will not become damaged if you put to many items in it.


The best tactical backpack for your needs will have all the pockets, flaps and zips that you could possibly need.  You should think very carefully about the functionality of your backpack.  Some backpacks have a compartment that allows you to store your sleeping bags and other camping accessories as well as having room to carry your survival kit too.  Look out for side pockets, as these are handy for carrying bottles of water and food.  Inner compartments sometimes have extra strong material in case you want to carry knives with you.  Knives can be essential when you are spending time outdoors as they can allow you to cut through plants so you can clear a path and they are often used in the preparation of food.

Getting The Most Out Of The Best Tactical Backpacks

When you’re backpacking in the great outdoors, your backpack will become your best friend.  It will be with you all the time and will be of utmost use to you as it is your means of transporting all your belongings over any terrain.  It’s only right that you should take the best possible care of it.  Once you’ve chosen the best tactical backpack, you should make sure that you follow these tips for making sure that the backpack lasts you for as long as possible.

Treat Your Backpack With Care

Maybe it goes without saying, but when you buy your backpack, you should treat it with as much care as possible from the day it arrives.  Remember that even in harsh weather conditions, you’ll need to take your backpack, so if it rains, it is a good idea to have a little added protection.  Whilst most backpacks are made with waterproof fabric, you should still protect the bag in case of leaks.  You can purchase a raincover for your tactical backpack for a reasonable price.  You can also spray the backpack with a waterproof spray, which you will find online if you don’t want to have to carry around a raincover.

You should make sure that you keep an eye on the seams of the backpack and especially where the straps connect to the backpack.  These areas are subject to the most wear and tear and even the backpacks that are built to the highest quality can eventually tear and rip, especially if you are carrying a lot of items or weight.  When you are using the backpack, make sure that you keep a roll of duct tape at all times.  This will ensure that you can fix any tears that develop so that you can still carry the bag around.

Pack Properly

When you are putting your belongings into the backpack, don’t just throw them in.  You should think carefully about how to pack your backpack.  Make sure that you only pack the things that you really need and remember that any additional items that you pack will add unnecessary weight to your back as even the best tactical backpack can give you back pain if it is too heavy.

When you pack, make sure that you start with the heavier things towards the bottom of the backpack.  If you pack clothes first and then heavier items last, you will find that the backpack is top-heavy and this will mean that you are at a greater risk of injuring your back as well as losing your balance as you walk.

When you are packing, make sure that any knives are in protective sheathing and wrapped so that they can’t cut through the material of the bag or damage anything in it.  You could consider using packing bags or lightweight boxes so that you can pack in a more organized way.  This will help you to find things more easily when you need them.

You should think about what you are going to do with dirty items so that you can keep them separate from the clean things and to keep your backpack in the best condition.  Try packing plenty of large zip lock bags so that you’re prepared.  If you’ve finally found the best tactical backpack for your needs, you will not want to get it dirty and spoiled by keeping loose dirty items.

When you’re packing your clothing, you should roll it up and not fold it.  This will ensure that you make the most of your space as well as being able to put clothes in spare spaces to maximize the room in even the best tactical backpack.


You should do everything that you can to make sure that your possessions are as safe as possible.  If you are travelling in a group with strangers, you can’t be too trusting.  Purchase a good quality padlock so that you can secure the zips together.  This will reduce the risk of someone taking something out of the bag whilst it is on your back or if you set it down for a little whilst when you stop for a rest.

Even if you have the best tactical backpack however, sometimes you just can’t prevent something going terribly wrong. It is a good idea to take out insurance against the items that you are taking in your backpack.  This is important if you are a backpacker and spending a lot of time outdoors with your backpack. If your possessions get stolen or lost, the insurance will cover your things so that you can replace them.


As you can see from this helpful buying guide, these best tactical backpacks are the perfect companion for anyone who spends time outdoors.  If you’re planning your next backpacking trip, going camping or if you need a backpack for work, you should make sure that you buy a high quality model.

There are plenty of tactical backpacks available online that you can choose from with varying price tags, so it doesn’t matter what your requirements or budget is as you’re sure to find something that will meet your needs.


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