5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack Full Review 2016

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack Introduction

5.11 Tactical is one of the manufacturers that produce the highest quality military backpacks. As a matter of fact, the company never spares a penny when it comes to the selection of material used in the construction of their military gears. This includes the production of Rush 24 Backpacks. It is an all-purpose assault pack that could provide you everything that you need for a day hike, or a 24 hour mission.


Why is the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack the best option? As agreed upon by several users’ reviews, it is simply the best option when it comes to tactical backpacks. With its roomy main storage area, hydration pocket, dual zipping side pockets, stuff-it pocket and integrated draw cord, three mesh admin compartments, wrap-around MOLLE/Slick Stick web platform, hook and look nametape, flag patches, and several other features, this bag is the perfect investment for those who are looking for a heavy duty tactical backpack. Also perfect for those who just want to use a good daytime daily backpack.


Rush 24 is the most popular tactical backpack under 5.11. It has been designed to offer superior storage capability and organization without potentially slowing you down. The overall dimensions of this bag are 20 (height) x 12 (weight) x 7 (depth), offering good storage for all your gears. The main compartment inside comes with dividers, is flexible, and complete with MOLLE webbing all throughout. It comes in four different style choices: Flat Dark Earth, Sandstone, TAC OD, and Black.

It comes with a spacious main compartment that provides three mesh interior organizer pockets that can hold smaller accessories, alongside a padded hydration pocket that can keep you moving , as well as a fleece-lined sunglass pocket that can ensure that your eyewear is always within reach.  Also, its dual-side storage compartments provide double zip access, as well as a huge stuff-it pocket that comes with an integrated draw cord that offers an expandable storage right when needed. It also has contoured compression straps that can make sure of a comfortable and adjustable carry. Its wrap around web platform is also compatible with MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick System, which can allow you to customize personal storage options the way you want to.

With all of these features, this is no doubt a great tactical backpack option for different applications, combining superior mobility as well as enhanced storage that allows you to customize functionality, perfect for any type of environment.

Pros and Cons

What many users love about the Rush 24 back pack is that it is MOLLE compatible, and also designed with tactical use in mind. The main compartment is also built with the use of 1050D nylon, as well as a water-repellent PUx2 coating. On the other hand, both the inside bags and the pocket flaps are made using 420D nylon, as well as PUx2 water-repellent coating. Even the shoulder straps are also constructed with Duraflex™ hardware, fully adjustable and using a dual density closed cell foam.

Who does not love the two back-to-back zippered pull tabs that make it easy to access the closed cell foam padded hydration pocket. This is pretty useful in the military world, as it comes with flag holders and name tape. In terms of ergonomics, this bag is also a great option, as its three sides come with a web platform which makes it easy for gear attachment. It also comes with an ergonomic, convenient top grab handle. Most first time users right away notice the huge main compartment, which includes three organizing pockets manufactured using mesh material.

Usage Construction

The interior of this bag is equipped with a huge stuff pocket that comes with a pull cord, making it a really convenient option for small items, including batteries or keys. The bag bottom also has two big drainage holes made of metal grommets. This is a proof that this pack is one of the high end bags out there. The exterior of this bag comes with two sizes, with zipper pockets that are great for placing maps and documents that you might want to bring with you. It is just a great bag that it even comes with a separate fleece lined pocket located at the top, perfect for keeping your sunglasses. This pack can still become more compact after being loaded with the two compression straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is the laptop that can be fit in this backpack?

A: A 17 inches laptop can be fitted comfortably into the main compartment sleeve. The interior compartment comes with a reinforced backing which can keep everything snug rightly.

Q: How long is the name tape compartment?

A: About 6 inches.


Q: Is this bag also great for business use?

A: Some users report using this backpack for their everyday use. With all of its compartments, it is perfect for any purpose, including business use.


Q: What is the size of the rain cover that I need to get for this bag?

A: A medium sized rain cover will do.


Q: Is this bag made in the USA?

A: The headquarters of the manufacturer is in the USA, but the bag is assembled in Indonesia. Still, the company ensures USA grade quality.


To wrap it up, this backpack comes with an approximate internal capacity of 2000 cubic inches, putting it on the list of ‘pretty compact’ bags. Overall, it is a solid bag, with double-back edge stitching, double back single needed stitching (top), as well as single needle stitching all throughout. Pitch in this bag’s self-repairing YKK nylon zippers, Velcro strips, and all the other features mentioned above. When it comes to durability and usefulness, the Rush 24 backpack is no doubt a great option.

If you are currently on the lookout for a great backpack that you can bring with you on your adventure, without having to worry about where each and every gear and accessories went, the 5.11 Rush 24 back pack is no doubt a great choice.

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack Best Review 2016

Introduction about Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

As a company, Direct Action Gear was established in Poland, and eventually expanded its operations in the USA, building their quarters in New York. The products that they create, including Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack, comes equipped with very unique features which are simply “out-of-the-box”. The Dragon Egg model is the mid-sized edition of backpack introduced by Direct Action Gear. It is made out of 500D Cordova with waterproofing features. It also weighs 3lbs (9 oz) and is fairly small.


What is amazing about this backpack is the fact that even though it may look and feel small, it can pack just like what bigger bags can do. As a matter of fact, it has an internal capacity of around 1520 cubic inches. Customers can choose from its 12 pattern/color options, which is a great feature to consider.


There are also several notable features of this tactical backpack. One of the most unique offers includes the Laser Cut PALS webbing. This panel works by reducing weight, removing exterior awkwardness, and made of waterproof material. It is also not flimsy and soggy just like other traditional webbing. At the same time, it is generally stronger, and at the same time unique.

Other outstanding setups include a Para-cord handle, invisible, heavy duty YKK zippers, as well as the patented ‘combat vent’ rear panel. This panel is made up of molded foam panels which can sit comfortably on your back. This feature also makes this bag ergonomic. It may feel weird for some at first. However, after completing a couple of miles while wearing this bag on the trail, you will realize the beauty of this feature.

       The Dragon Egg backpack is also a 25-liter military grade standard assault pack, but can also serve as a multi-purpose, hard-wearing daypack for common people. This means that it is perfect for anybody who is searching for a multi-purpose backpack equipped with a good combination of external carry and internal organization options. This bag is a great option for a daypack and for other outdoor activities.

The pack is also designed to have the capability to handle more than its actual 25L capacity. Also, its 8 webbing straps are made of Duraflex hardware, with a set of six daisy chains looping down on each side, as well as webbing compatible mesh on both of the lower and front sides.

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical BackpackPros and Cons

       There are several things that are likeable with this tactical backpack. Just one look at it and you will readily recognize its durability. It also comes with more compartments than other standard backpacks. The zip toggles of this bag comes with a rubber tube cover which enables them to have their own structure, and allowing the owner to slip a finger to the hold, thus getting to the gear faster. This feature works really well with the quick-release straps feature since the backpack can be dropped quickly. In fact, it is possible to open a compartment and grab a rangefinder in just a few seconds.

Also, the laser cut MOLLE/PALS on both front and sides was definitely a great way to increase the bag’s carrying capacity with just some webbing. It comes with a great feature, the Combat Vent System worked really better compared to other backpacks. In fact, many users report that this is perfect for use even in colder climates. The webbing straps located on the bottom also come with additional tabs, making it more versatile. Traditional straps just go from one point to another but the Dragon Egg’s extra tabs enable for 4 more different ways of carrying.

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks of this tactical bag. There are some users who were not comfortable with the backpack’s fit. This is because the entire feel of the bag, once placed on the back, was not really comfortable. This is particularly true if the bag is lightly loaded. Also, the carrying straps were just too short, and at the same time just close together so that the pack rode awkward and high on the back, which may pinch your neck.

Usage Construction

Overall, it is a good multipurpose backpack that you can bring to your travels, getting it dirty at extreme situations. However, it can also work well as your everyday pack together with its outstanding aspects such as functional areas where you can place your phones, laptops, clothes, water bottles, wetsuits (with a drain hole), a towel, food, books and more. It also has a very simple and handy feature which is very important. It comes with a woven paracord handle may be unwoven and used in emergency cases, or even when you forgot to pack your ropes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Is this product made in the USA?

A: The Dragon Egg tactical backpack is made using US fabric components. However, the backpacks are assembled in Vietnam.


Q: Does this backpack come with a water bottle?

A: It does not have one. But it comes with a compartment for a water bottle.


Q: How waterproof is the material used in the construction of this product?

A: The water resistant materials that are used in the construction of this tactical backpack have been designed to potentially withstand accidental water/light rain splashes. It is important to note that if this product is exposed to enough water, or even submerged in water, the material will still allow water in.


       With all things taken into consideration, there are a lot of positive features offered by this backpack. Several users agree that this pack feels natural and light. While it is generally smaller than other tactical backpacks out there, it can hold a lot, and still very versatile. The pack is just right when it comes to compartmentalization. While it comes with military grade durability, it is also a perfect option for a regular day to day daypack, especially if durability and functionality is what you are searching for. With compartments here and there, this backpack is certainly perfect for organizing things.