Outdoor Survival: Crisis Preparation

When you’re planning for ultimate survival, it’s important to make precautions to ensure good crisis preparation.   The best thing to do is to take a good quality tactical backpack and fill it with essential items that you’ll need in a crisis situation.  Whether you have an outdoor trip prepared and you just want to be safe or if you want to ensure that you have a bug-out bag ready at home for an emergency situation, there are some things that are essential to remember to pack.


When you’re planning for any survival situation, it’s important to have some food with you.  You’ll need to eat to keep your strength up.  Do not pack anything that is perishable.  If you need to keep something in the refrigerator, don’t pack it. Also avoid packing things like breads and cakes as these have a very short shelf life.


Being able to see your way in the dark is important.   You should make sure that your backpack contains a flashlight and plenty of batteries.  Try to choose a powerful flashlight that you could also use as a signal to attract assistance.  You could also pack a whistle to give you another means of attracting attention or communicating across distances.

First Aid Kit

It’s important that you carry a well-stocked first aid kit in your crisis preparation kit.  This is important not only for any injuries but also in case of illnesses.  If you or anyone in your traveling party requires any medication, you should make sure that you take plenty of medication supplies with you.


Any crisis preparation kit should include some money.  Whether you need to pay for emergency transport, food or any other items that you may need, you will always need to ensure that you have enough money to get you to safety in a crisis.  Ideally, you should try to take no less than $100 with you for each member of your party.  You should also take a pre-payment phone card with some credit on so that you can make any required phone calls.


If you take matches with you, make sure that you keep them in a waterproof container or else they will be useless when you come to need them.  Matches are especially useful for making fires and creating light or heat when you need it and should be part of your crisis preparation kit.

Important Documents

When you’re traveling, you should make sure that you have your important documents to hand.  Keep them out of sight, as these are documents that you won’t want to go missing.  Your passport, photographic ID, insurance documents and other such paperwork should go everywhere with you.  This will allow you to keep charge of your documents and it will mean that you’ll have the details to hand if you’re asked to prove who you are.  Insurance documents are especially important so that you can get treated at hospital if you are taken ill or if you injure yourself.

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