Tips For Surviving Outdoors In Colder Weather

Learn To Build A Fire

One of the most important things to know how to do when you’re outdoors is to know how to build and start a fire.  Whether you’re travelling in colder terrain or if the nights are cooler than the days, you will need to know how to create a fire to stay warm when you need to.  It’s also important to make a fire so that you can cook, purify water and even dry damp clothes.  It can also raise spirits and improve your psychological state when you’re surviving outdoors.  Don’t simply read about how to make a fire.  Instead, you should practice starting a fire before you venture outdoors so that you know that you can do it when you need to.

Safety In Numbers

Whilst it goes without saying that you should always go outdoors with another person, there’s also safety in numbers with your equipment and gear.  Imagine being out in the middle of nowhere with just one can opener but it breaks.  You’ll have no other means to open cans and will end up becoming very hungry.  Ensure that you pack more than one of every tool that you’re taking, especially if that tool is needed to start fires or to perform any survival functions.

 Fire Wood


It’s important to know which woods are suitable for starting fires.  If you’re planning on building a shelter when you’re outdoors, you should avoid using drier wood that burns easily. Use damper woods for shelter building and keep aside any kindling or tinder.  This will ensure that you have plenty of fuel for your fire and will keep you safe, as your shelter will be fire resistant.


Whilst we’re on the subject of shelters, you should remember to pack anything that you could need to build a shelter.  It is often impractical to take a tent with you, as these are usually heavy and simply increase the load.  Instead, pack items that could be used to build a shelter, for example a tarpaulin.  Whether you’re stopping for a while or if you just need a quick rest, you should try to make a shelter when you still have the energy to do so.  Waiting until you are tired enough to sleep is a really bad idea, especially when it is cold.

Pack Essentials

You should always take essential items with you.  Trash bags sound like they are just a commodity, but actually, they make excellent raincoats in an emergency.  A poncho is also a great idea, as the military style ones are often made with multiple fasteners so that they can be worn in different ways.  Of course, a first aid kit is a must to take with you, and remember to pack anything that could be used for insulation at nighttime.  Sleeping bags and more layers of clothes are always a great idea.  Just remember to be aware of the weight of your backpack and make sure that it is sufficient to take everything that you need.  A military or tactical backpack is really the best option for surviving the colder weather outdoors.

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